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Retreat to Crete

Reflection on new activities for entrepreneurs

Retreat on Crete

The gateway to the Lightcode of your company

The Cosmic Shell Academy has purchased the Cosmic Shell Retreathouse. In Eastern Crete in the middle of a beautiful valley, mudden in nature surrounded by beautiful olive groves, she is waiting to be opened. The authentic mountain stones she is made of radiate a power that protects Lightworkers on the one hand and on the other challenges them to transform into their cosmic consciousness. The beautiful, energetic enviroment reinforces this even more.

On 01-01-2022 her door will officialy open to Lightworkers. Many beautiful transformations will take place here. The Retreathouse offers you as a Lightworker the opportunity to break through to the outside world with your own Lightcode. The "Coming Out"!

A light breakthrough is an intensive, unique and wonderful process. It's the creascopic process. Every Lightworker dreams of that. It activates the inner manifestation power that, once activated, is unstoppable.

Last year the Cosmic Shell Retreathouse is being renovated for the Business soul journey creation.



Retreat on Crete

Breakdown limiting believes: Activate your unique Lightcode and step into your own manifestation power

 Knowing what you come to do here on earth as a Lightworker is central to Retreat on Crete.

Putting your own luminosity and lightfield in the material is a creascopic process in itself.

Retreat on Crete is therefore the way 'out'.

Specially intended for Lightworkers who want to shape their Lightfield and the manifestation power that lies within it in business activities.

For two weeks you will work under the supervision of Light Master Jolanda Simons with your manifestation power and you will know what your task will be here on earth.



  • Spend two weeks at the Retreathouse
  • Including rental car and pick-up and drop-off services to the airport
  • Including richly stocked refrigerator on arrival
  • Including 15 days (14 nights) and 24/7 guidance from Jolanda Simons

  • Including final cleaning

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