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International Institute for Self Image Data Design



International Institute for Self Image Data Design

Specialized in Q-CODE :  Quantum Creative Ontological Design Education based on Creascopism®.

Creascopism® includes the higher creationprocess and is the guiding principle of IISIDD, a swarm of international men and women specialized in 'The Art and Science of Smart Data Driven Businesses'.

Creascopism® is in line with Digital Humanities, the youngest branche of the humanities, where it serves as a guide: instead of embedding men and women in the old normative and cognitive education and workstructures, it is the new challenge to learn to connect with the authentic brain architecture of every men and women embedded in their hidden lightcode, so as to creative intelligence and potential that is contained therein to help unlock.

IISIDD is the expertise center that facilitates the process of Cosmic Education and Self Creation for men and women in transition and is developing The Creascope® for this.
















The Creascope®

In the 21st century we are no longer receivers from extern information, but creators of our own authentic inner selfknowledge.

Big Data are emerging, but Big Data are only useful if used in a smart way. The smart way will come from the women itself and its personal and business content and context.Only then will Big Data become Smart Data.Without understanding the female mindset and her semantic web, there is a danger that Big Data never become smart. The Creascope® shines a new light on Big Data.

All our innovations, discoveries and creativity come from one source: our cosmic memoryfield.With the Creascope® you learn to connect to this field where all data of the universe are stored and waiting to be picked up. The Creascope® helps you your own smart data from the deppest level of your creative DNA, so that it can be applied in your own business. The Creascope® shatters your personal and business data into millions of pieces and then creates them into a new self-image.

Future generations women are asking for new educational opportunities.They no longer need standard answers to a complex multi-dimensional world, but need insight into how to ask the right quenstions about the cosmic memory field associated with their own hidden lightcode deep within themselves.

Learning to connect with this inner space and learning to crack their own code gives women a new skill to find their own path in an increasingly complex information society. The Creascope® will give them this possibility.

The Creascope® will be a stepping stone for a whole new education and trainingsfield for women in transition and bridges the gap between digital technology, creativity and new businesses.

Colleges and univerisities can use the expertise of the IISIDD.

Price € 2500,- per day exclusive travel and accommodation costs.














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