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I am 


Founder Creascopism®

Revelation artist Creascopy®

International Master Teacher Creascopist®

Author of the book "Give birth to your own miracle"

Leading expert Past Life Collective Narcissitic-Empathic Trauma Deal Breaking



"When you are evolving to your own soul truth the road seems lonely,

but you are simple shedding the old energy that no longer match the frequency of your own destiny"





Published in 2014

i Love myself not for my darkness deep inside of his light, but i am in love with my own light deep inside my darkness

Jolanda Simons (1958), highly gifted on the linguistic-existential spectrum was born and raised in The Netherlands and the founder, creator, educator and facilitator of Creascopism®, a new revelation art in the field of Quantum Creative Ontological Design Education, Q-CODE. This groundbreaking cosmic education concept is written down in her book 'Give birth to your own miracle' published in-house in 2014.

In this lifetime Jolanda was subjected to several narcissistic abuse shapes in her own family and business structures. In these experiences the ‘narcissistic-empathic dynamic addiction abuse syndrome’ , also called the 'mental cancer' of our society, was revealed to her on the quantum level of her DNA cell memory field. Her own answer to narcissism became creascopism®, which caused a radical shift in her deepest self-image as a Lightmaster and alliance with the whole new Lightworld.

As International Master Teacher Creascopist® Jolanda teaches systemworkers in transition around the world how to heal this collective trauma deal bonding to become the best version of themselves by becoming the master of their own lightpower by cracking their own unique lightcode, so they can create revolutionary new businesses for themselves.

The door to happiness opens on the inside

Jolanda Simons graduated 1st degree in Philosophical Education of The Higher Feminine Wisdom in 1984, as Social Lightworker in 1992 and Facilitator Creative Thinking in 1998. In addition she studied Educational Innovation and Business Innovation with the father of her child from 1990 to 1997 and developed a screening instrument for the innovative and creative potential of companies. In these years she was already prepaired as a Master Teacher and laid the foundation for the new cosmic education field Creascopy® and its own technology The Creascope®. It would take 30 years for her to come out. Her own fundamental breakthrough came at 62 when she broke free by total trauma deal breaking with her unique powerful soul journey Creascopy®.

"Only what comes from the depth of the soul itself is authentic."

Jolanda Simons is the first Creascopist® in the world.From 2020 she will train new generation systemworkers in transition how to break free from this ‘old hidden trauma deal dynamic’ and become The New Lightworkers and Lightmasters based on Creascopism®. In this way she contributes to a new evolutionary step in human nature: the transition and transformation from Human Being to Inner Light Being.

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